Beeee yourself! :D

“Remember, beeeee yourself!” 😀

You know how it is when you like something but the rest of the world thinks you’re weird?

Of course you do! Actually, it may not be the rest of the world.

I got teased A LOT in elementary and middle school and was called “weird” because I didn’t like to go along with the common trend. I went home crying to Mom, and Mom said, “Honey, you’re not ‘weird.’ You’re ‘unique.'” ^_^v

Now that I’m an adult, I’m still wearing funny socks, mismatching my clothes, wearing gag and anime T-shirts, cracking horrible jokes that I think are HILARIOUS. If *I’m* amused, that’s all that’s important, right? XD

As the genie said to Aladdin, “Remember! Beeee yourself!” 😀 The chicks dig it.

Example: I walked into a classroom to teach a middle-aged woman, with a daughter college age. She had a CareBear pen.
Roxy: *Squeel* OH! I have that pen!
woman: Oh really?!
Roxy: YES! 😀 SO CUTE!
woman: I KNOW, ISN’T IT?
Roxy: They used to be a cartoon when I was a kid! Look! *whips out a Carebear pencil*
woman: OH! CUTE! 😀

Perfectly socially acceptable. I am twenty eight years old. You see, in Japan, being ‘cute’ is ‘cool,’ especially for ladies. I see men with Mickey Mouse keychains hanging off their bags, cell phones, and meterosexual ‘man-purses.’ It’s all good. I can really be myself here. And I don’t give a damn what anyone thinks! Chances are SOMEBODY else digs it. Even if it’s my 10 year old kids class. LOL Look, dancing radishes! IT’S AMAZING, IS IT NOT? Come on, tell me you DON’T wanna at least try the radish pencil. ;P

I wear kid’s anime socks with Dragon Ball Z and Naruto. Now even Japanese people consider that a little ‘odd’ but not necessarily ‘child-like.’ LOL Kadowaki-san said, “You’re such an Otaku!” (anime freak). Kunioku just shakes his head and laughs. 😀 My dad would say, “Babyish!” in a disapproving way. (He did, once, when I came back from Japan sporting my stuff). I have a Care Bear bed sheet and I don’t care! Nya nya!
I think it’s the bees knees. :D (See, that expression is from 30 years ago or something, but I think it’s funny so I’m a’using it)

That being said, look! I got a new scrubbie! 😀 See my old doggie one, and my new Banana one I got at the hyaku en shop! (dollar store)! Banana with a capital “B” because Bananas are always the answer. Right? ;D…