pics of Roxy: the crazy, the happy, the fighting!!

So yesterday I dragged my friends Bootsy and Brittany M. to El Pollo Loco after training. I LOVE that place!!
friends at el polllo loco

I got a little overly excited, I just had to….!!
el pollo loco dance

We went outside and saw this truck…… MEAT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! NIKU!!!
yummy truck

Today I had a great mitt session with my coach John Wood!

We worked my new super samurai techniques!! This is me just about to strike!! Heather took them!
mitts about to strike

What, you think I’m going to post an actual cool one? It’ll give away the surprise! 😀

Then there’s this one…..

I have no idea what I’m doing.

roxy spear1

Maybe this?
roxy spear2

Or maybe…something like this????
roxy spear3


john and roxy ready for battle2
Thank you!

XD Then I was so tired and wanted to take a nap, but Heather had me doing a conditioning circuit. Just me, Heather, her timer, and the blue heavy bag. Oh, blue heavy bag! How I loathe you, but I need you! Paradox!
heather roxy circuit2

Teaching kids at syndicate with Chris later that day!