my week after Blackeye

I ended up calling in sick to work on Tuesday.
Went into work Wednesday.
On Thursday, I went to a dessert buffett “Sweets Paradise” with Megumi. She said, “Eat a lot, bulk up.” Here is me posing. I love that place but almost never go…maybe once a year or every two years. The last time I went was when I took Kate Martinez and Shawn after Kate’s Shootboxing fight, two years ago?

I binged on junk food all day. So I’m done with the junk food for, like, the rest of the month until Halloween.

All I can think about is going back to the gym. I felt crappy all week, though.
After I left Megumi, I wanted to go somewhere but didn’t know where, so she got off at Omori and I just kept going all the way to Tokyo. I wandered around.

The old imperial Palace used to be there. Is still kinda. It’s ruins.

I went shopping, and if this were the least bit absorbant, I’d have bought it, but it was like paper, almost. Maybe that’s why it was going for ten yen. (like 15 cents)

Considering that Japanese people go nuts over cute animals, this advertisement for glasses (megane) was probably a smashing success.

In the UFC catcher machines in the arcade, I won not one, not two, but THREE baby lamas in ONE try. Yea. Beat THOSE mad skillz, suckas. Yea!

I don’t want to go to work. I just want to go back to the gym. I don’t have any time to waste….

Jeff Binns Photography