“Tripple Tuesday”

I feel good! Refreshed!

I went to bed at 11:15, and woke up by myself at 5. I bounced out of bed, refreshed, like I used to do long ago.

I wonder if it’s just a fluke. I took melatonin (a sleeping pill) last night, just before I went to bed. But I also took it two nights ago and it didn’t seem to be effective. *shrug* I dunno! But I was pretty tired last night.

I’m pleased because I stepped on the scale and had dropped a kilo since about a week and a half ago. (2.2 pounds)

So yesterday, I trained with Kunioku. He made me use ankle and wrist weights, and that was interesting. After I took them off I felt so light! When I sprawled with ankle weights, I was slow, but then when I sprawled without them, I threw myself back to hard that I flew off my feet and slipped and fell down. ^_^;; He laughed at me and said, “What are you doing?” Haha

Then I taught my three kids in a row…”Tripple Tuesday.” Group of 6 year olds, next a group of 7-8 year olds (my “little rebels” I often talk about), and finally a group of 11-12 year olds.

The first group, my brand new group, were okay in the beginning, but lost focus in the end. ~_~;; and they chomped down on the food erasers when I wasn’t watching, so now the banana and strawberries have bite marks. (Note to self: no eraser toys under the age of 7. ) They have potential, though, with proper management. But they wouldn’t repeat the full sentence.

Roxy: “This is Mimi.”

Kids: MIMI!

Roxy: This! Is! Mimi! Everyone “this…”


Roxy: ^^;;

I tried the clap method to get the rhythm going, and holding up fingers to show them that I wanted them to repeat all 3 words, but only ONE kid said the full sentence…arg. It’s only their second lesson, though. A little boy kicked me and slapped my hand! THAT kind of behavior is not going to be tolerated from day one. It was a full-weighted kick, too.

The second group are who I refer to as ‘my rebels” are always mischevious. They got bored of my language review, but perked up when they realized I’d give them a paper dollar bill when they said the answer right. But of course they hadn’t been paying attention when I was trying to tell them what to say, so only 3 or 4 out of 6 of the kids could do it without being prompted, and only two said it without being promoted. Like, I held up a rose flash gard and said, “How does it smell?” and they have to say, “It smells good.” Then I held up a truck and said, “How does it sound?” and they have to say, “It sounds loud.” I went through all of this, singling out the kids one by one, but some still said, “It is a truck” or “It is loud.” So I wouldn’t give them a dollar, and then they got upset… (they had to give the print-out money back in the end)

*laugh* Two kids got it perfectly! So that’s my success for that class. Y-kun ripped one of my dollars in half! I had plenty, but the fact that he DID it irritated me, and he KEPT GRABBING EVERYTHING. He’s such a grabber. What do I do with a grabber? And A-chan kept trying to get the watch off my wrist, to the point of bodily grabbing my arm, putting all her weight on it, and almost wripped my sleeve! That enabled Y-kun to rip the other flash cards out of my hand, and before I knew it, he’d distrubuted some to his classmates, who were laughing loudly, or thrown them at random.

I said, “NO! STOP” really loudly, louder than I usually raise my voice, and she just repeated. LOL little rebel _< I said, "SIT DOWN" and she finally sat. Looking back, you know how they say kids push you to your limit? They pushed me JUST to the limit where I wouldn't send them out of the classroom. If they'd gone a little further, I'd have gotten really angry. ^^;; Just when I was about to crack, they cooperated. Then I had my group of older kids and they seemed to be like angels, even though they weren't particularly wonderful that lesson. Pretty good, though! I had a sit-in kid who did okay. I think he'll join the group. One girl is so quiet that I can barely hear her, but she can read pretty well 😀 After work I went to Gold's Gym and did some stepping drills I learned at ZFC last Saturday. I met Megumi (Fuji). She was really down in the dumps. She put her hand on my shoulder and said, "Did you hear they raised the nuclear threat to a 7?" and we chatted about quakes. She has a little brother who lives in Sendai, apparently. She said, "It's hard to be energetic in training." I feel the same way, actually, but I'm better than before. Then Megumi said, "You know, if the plant explodes we have 8 hours before the radiation reaches us. If that happens, you should go west! Anywhere! You can even come to my place in Okayama" so she started talking about that and it SERIOUSLY freaked me out. @_@;; I came home with my brain filled with horrible possibilities, like a waking-nightmare you can't shake. …