Best fight camp of my career! I’m so ready!

This has been the best fight camp of my career! You know what made it so great?

I started WAY AHEAD OF TIME. I started dieting months in advance, so I didn’t have to stress about being exhausted from calorie deficit during training. I kept my cardio very good, and then just turned on the training hard the final month. That’s why I never really doing get “fight camps.” I built my regular training schedule so that I work as hard as my body can go without breaking and getting sick. The only extra thing I do before a fight is more cardio, and well, shark tanks, too.

Plus the game plan is straight forward, and I have all these moves I can’t WAIT to try!

And thanks to Teri, our resident massage therapist, my body feels great.

No injuries at all!! All my nagging injuries are silent. Just like before my last fight. Man, I owe her so much. It’s amazing. I haven’t felt this good in ages.

I feel like I can’t possibly lose! But of course I’m pushing those thoughts out of my head. Of course I could lose. I could go out there and slip when I should have blocked and she could knock me out with the first punch. That happened to my friend and it will always be in the back of my mind. Man, she was looking so good in training! And I’m not gonna be like “I’m gonna win because I want it more!” Jennifer Maia wants to win, too.

I like her. I really wish she would get more promotion but she doesn’t speak English so I guess it’s hard? :/
I posted this on intragram!
And she replied! 😀

Today was my last day with the team before leaving.
Mitts with head coach theonlypersonwhocanteachmestriking Jedi Master “Big” John Wood.
Wearing his clothing line “Maverick Unbranded.”

I wanna do well so badly but I’m trying not to put pressure on myself. I won’t let myself get caught up in, “I’m fighting for my family! for my friends! I must win for my coach!” yeah it’s true but just stick to the basics: I want to land the combos I’ve been working. When I repeat visualize the techniques it helps me calm down. Man, I’m not looking forward to fight day before the actual fight happens. Worst tension, worst indigestion, worst restlessness you ever experience.

Today I was sitting between Jess and Jessy after doing technique!
You ladies really helped me out with my fight prep. Certainly not the only people I trained with, but thanks for coming in to do shark tanks!
and Serena jumped in!! <3 The Reena! jess-jessy-and-serena-and-roxy

I’m ready.
Thanks to all my sponsors…so many fans and friends are supporting me! <3 thank you! 😀 roxy-posing-small
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