I can be strong again

So I still have a cold, but I feel really energetic. It’s weird, so I gotta be careful not to overdo it.

Yesterday was Tuesday. At my kindergarten outservice, a little 5 year old girl asked (in Japanese), “Oooh pretty ring! Are you married?”
I answered, “No,” in English.
She went on, “Oh, so you’re not married?”
I said, “No.”
She said, “Did you buy it yourself?”
I said, “Yes! 😀 I bought it! It’s my school ring! School ring!”
She said, “Oooh! 😀 You’re rich, aren’t you?”

LMAO :D So cute. She couldn’t understand me, really. (I am definately NOT rich. Not poor, courtesy of job. Saving is important, kiddies.)

Yesterday between my morning and evening shifts, I watched some MMA I bought in to work, and my co-workers who wandered into the teacher’s room one by one also sat down to watch. Before you knew it, it was me plus four of my co-workers watching together. It was SO COOL. A lot of my co-workers are MMA fans. XD It’s kind of boring watching all alone….

Yeah that was sweet. So today, I decided to let myself watch a movie instead of more MMA, so I’m watching Ironman now. ^_^ I wanna see Haywire sooooooo badly. ;_; It’s not fairrrrrrrr that I can’t see it in Japaaaan. *whine whine*

This morning I lifted weights and tested my max number of pull-ups and was THRILLED to find out that they INCREASED by NINE! NIIIIIINE! I’m so excited. I started my weight training program at the end of October, so 3 and a half months, I don’t know if that’s good or not. All I know is that there is progression and I can do NINE whole extra pull ups that I couldn’t do before. My other numbers are increasing. My max number of push ups has also gone up. I forget if I posted that before. Omar is a personal trainer from http://functionalcorefitness.com/ who’s been making me videos to follow, Tony’s been giving me the biomolecular and muscle information behind it, also keeping me on task (thanks!) and Take-san has also been giving me exercises. And the videos I’ve been watching.

I also weighed myself. I’m 133-135ish. That’s good, so I just gotta kick the cold and I’ll be ready for another test cut. *sigh* I’m still not sure how to do it. I wanted to try a hot bath method Megumi said she and Akano do, but I don’t have the bathtub for it. -_-;

I want to train hard again. I was before my knee/cold/eye. I know I have to make myself hold out in the 125 lb division. Akano out-weighs me and can out-muscle me in the gym, and Sarah McMann outmuscled Akano, so how can I hope to out-muscle SARAH? -_-; I know styles make matches….anyway, I KNOW I can make it in the 125 division! I need to fight again and prove that I can be strong! Somebody offer me a fight! I promise to put on an exciting action-packed fight for the fans. I’m making a new super-attack!! But you’ll never know if you don’t hire me. 😉