Training and new fights, boyfriend, dogs, and anime

It’s really hard for me to get over fight losses. I get really depressed. It’s been great having Chris, though. I’ve never been so in love before. When he holds me in his arms, the problems of the world melt away like an ice cube dropped into a piping hot cup of tea. Being around him is like being in a perpetual summertime. His attention is like the sun peaking over my shoulder, and my heart feels warm and complete.

Suddenly, I understand all the movies. Suddenly, I know all the love songs are correct.

This year was the first time in my life that I’ve had a boyfriend during Valentine’s Day. Yeah, I didn’t date much… I was saving myself for the right person, who I have finally found at 38 years of age. It was just as romantic and wonderful as I had hoped, but I didn’t really have any expectations. In fact, “finding a man” was a major life goal that I suddenly accomplished, and everything else is kind of extra.

He cooked dinner for me…a steak he formed in the shape of a heart. Thank you, oh Boyfriend! <3

I’ve also made an unexpected friend: Gangis Kind, Chris’ dog! We’re both glad he likes me, and I’ve come to really like him.

I love animals but never can commit the time to taking care of one properly, so I only had hamsters and hermit crabs over the years. I could never understand when dog people talked about how their dogs were, but now I get it. When he slipped on my stairs, I nearly had a heart attack because I was worried about his old hips getting hurt, or breaking a leg. Seriously, my heart stopped and I couldn’t breathe. So I spent the last week buying of rugs at Walmart lol. Now my condo is dog-safe and dog proof… I picked stuff up off the floor. Haha I wanna be a good doggie step-mom, so to speak. <3

I slowly got back into training when my body was healed up. Well, I have stuff that’s never going to heal, but I’m doing my best. It’s what I signed up for. I’m taking leg-lock lessons with Guns again, and Chris joined me for some private lessons. I love training together!

Chris and Guns doing leg-locks

I have a fight set in Submission Underground against Amanda Loewen! I’ve been trying to face her for a full year! yay! March 28th, broadcast on UFC Fightpass. You guys can watch it if you make an account! or get the trial! 🙂

How cool is this poster?! And is that a belt? Am I fighting for a title? Okay cool lol

I also have another UFC Fight set! Yay cool

I’ve been watching Attack on Titan, the 4th and final series, finally. Man. They go ahead and really delve into the realities and truth of war, and how it’s a cycle. Someone’s gotta break it because after a while, it makes no sense. I wish everyone could see it. It’s a season I can never predict. I never would have foreseen the plot twists! It’s truly incredible and I’m very emotionally involved.

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