Yo yo yo! :D and Policewoman Roxy

Yesterday, I taught at my kindergarten class. Two little girls started crying over who got to hold my right hand. x_x One reached me first, but another tried to REMOVE her hand and said, “Let me in! Let me innnnnnnnnnn!” I said, “She got here first” but noooooo, tears. GEEZ -_-; I said, “Teacher, teacher, help!” to the Japanese staff dude, who came over and said in Japanese, “If you’re going to fight, then NEITHER of you can hold her hand.” And then the OTHER GIRL STARTED CRYING.

My popularity is killing me.

So he took them over to the side (poor guy’s job is to raise other people’s children) I started class, but couldn’t ignore the crying 5-year olds in the corner, so I said, “okay, five minutes, then change!” and the teacher translated, and we did it, and they stopped crying. :< So I taught vehicles- car, bus, train, bicycle, plane...one more, I forget. I taught them the song "The Wheeles on the bus go round and round." Then, since the activity suggestions in the teacher's manual were boring, so I made up a game. I printed out police badges, introduced the words "police" "good driver" "STOP!" I told them to run around and I'd play music, and when I stopped the music, they had to run and touch a flash card that I taped to the wall. Then they were safe. BUT if I stopped them, I'd make them my deputy police, and they'd have to help me catch the other kids. XD THEY LOVED IT. Because it's brilliant! 😀

Later that day, I did assessments for two kids today, which is always a little stressful but this ONE girl was SO cool. I taught her how to write her name, and there was a “Y” in her name. I said, “A” for Apple! “Y” for “Yo-yo” and she jabs two pointer fingers at the ceiling and goes, “yo yo yo!”

LOL She is only 7 years old. <3 For some reason this chant popped into my head, so I googled it and HOLY nineteen sixties! It's actually a real song! (I danced. XD But nobody has to know! You won't tell, right?)