On Thursday, I rubbed my eye because I thought there was an eyelash in it, but then I felt that familiar sting when my cornea is bruised. *sigh* So before work, I went to the eye doctor, and he ALSO sighed and said, “Yes, it’s the same place as before.” Rar. So he gave me drops, but it was stinging like hell all day and night. In the evening of Friday, I felt myself coming down with a cold- sore throat, exhaustion.

I went to bed and crossed my fingers. I woke up this morning (Saturday), my eye BLOOD SHOT red, killing me, and really sore throat. DAMN, I had a full day’s schedule at work. *sigh* I HATE calling sick into work because students are promised lessons, so staff and teachers have to race around trying to find someone to cover. :/ Yeah, and I woke up at 3 AM and didn’t want to close my eyes again because it hurt, and I wasn’t sleepy. So I stayed up and for the rest of the day, ate, played my iPhone games, watched MMA videos, and chatted online. 🙁

I’m going to tweek my training schedule a bit. I was hoping to start next week, but I’m sick, so maybe the week after that. I’m going to go to work tomorrow. I don’t feel WORSE after a full day, so I’m hoping I’ll wake up with my eye LESS red (damn Rapid Eye Movement) and not congested.

btw I looked up those dog statues that I posted in a previous entry. They are not kirin- the Chinese Unicorn- but Komainu, the guardian dogs that guard either side of a temple or shrine. The Chinese Shu Lion-dogs are a varient, as are the fox statues at the Inari Shrines. One always has it’s mouth open, and the other closed. Wiki is quite interesting! Check it out!

Link to wikipedia