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Hi guys!

I’ve been getting better and better at spider guard in jiu-jitsu, which is one of my big goals! Thank you, Rene at Methods Jiu-Jiutsu! I want to be a spider-guard player. My right pinkie is becoming “spider-guard-finger” so at least I know I’m doing something right. (That means it’s swelling and getting beaten up. People who do spider guard grip in certain ways and it rubs and irritates the joints.)

I’m pleased, though.

I’ve been training with Serena, my best friend, on Tuesdays! I’m also helping her by teaching her kids class on Tuesday afternoons so she can have the time to spar at XC, her gym. She normally teaches Muay Thai and Jiujitsu at Legends MMA. It’s been great getting to regularly see her again. We haven’t been able to train together for half a year or so.

Preston at Prime Time Performance has been giving me physical training sessions while Lorenzo has been busy with work lately. I appreciate it a lot! He’s the only other trainer who I like (and can tolerate me! I’m not easy!)

Preston training Jeslen

Well, I thought I’d be able to get a full-time job immediately but it hasn’t happened yet. I’m not sure what’s happening with my plan, so I started to look at stuff like Ziprecruiter. It’s really frustrating. Getting a “day job” or “desk job” is hard for my generation nowadays, I feel. I don’t have sales or marketing degrees.

I’m really happy to be writing for TheAllstar! Thank you John and Darren for recruiting me! Here’s one of my latest articles!

I also may continue writing for Bloodyelbow like I did in the past. I want to get more writing jobs, and if I have a chance to use my new camera, that would be amazing.

GUYS!! I FINALLY GOT A NICE CAMERA that I’ve been always wanting! A nice professional one! I’ve wanted it for like 5 years but it’s expensive so I put it off. I debated for a long time spending the money without having a job set yet, but then thought maybe I could use it to build a skill for the future. It’s a Sony Alpha iii. I love getting action shots of people! Check these out!

Chris jumping at Jordan
Serena flying-kneeing the bag

So if anyone wants to hire me to write, I’m available! 🙂

I did a seminar in Bellingham BJJ, in Washington State! It was wonderful! The people are lovely, and so welcoming. Thank you, Jeff! So many people came to my seminar! thank you! I’d love to be brought out to places for seminars! Email me at

Bellingham BJJ.

For those of you who have Instagram, I hope you are enjoying my “Wifey Training videos!” They’re kind of a joke but not. I have time so I’ve been doing all the laundry and cleaning like a housewife. I always try to enjoy my life, so I’ve been making videos. Some fan told me, “You’re gender training!” Dude, I’m not freaking gender training. 🙁 If I feel like dancing in an apron, I’m gonna dance in an apron. I’m sure every couple, whether they be opposite sex or otherwise, have their own roles in the partnership. Basically this whole thing started out with me celebrating the fact that I HAVE a man! I’ve wanted a boyfriend for a long time, and now that I finally have one, I’m so excited I could just dance all the time! 😀 😀 😀 Yaaaay I found the love of my life. I’m 100% going to enjoy doing the laundry and folding his underwear until the day I die. 🙂

Our wedding is set for October! I’m ahead of schedule planning it!

here’s a link to my instagram

Here’s a random picture of me, Serena, and our Ukrainian PFL fighter friend Olena coloring Easter Eggs for Easter last month! Serena and I always do it. Chris joined in but didn’t make the picture. Olena won her fight last week! Yay for her. She had to drove across country to escape the bombing. We’re glad she’s here. I’m not taking political sides. Just saying I’m glad our friend is in the US right now with us.

Me, Olena, Serena

Oh speaking of PFL, my friend Jeslen Michelle ALSO fought in the PFL in April, and I actually went to corner her in Florida!

me, Jeslen, Coach Dave

She won! yaaay. But didn’t win the contract. It’s okay, it’s great experience for her. It’s hard for her to find other girls her weight so this is great. It was also my first time putting on MMA gloves in months.

I’ve been enjoying watching the new Marvel show Moonknight with Chris! Oscar Isaac is AN AMAZING actor!
We’ve also been watching lots of Naruto Shippuden.

Oh, I’m trying to monetize my instagram and youtube channel! I’m not sure how it all works, but I know that I need more subscribers on youtube, so if you have the chance, could you subscribe to me? I’ll try and post entertaining videos!

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