BJJ, UFC, fun with Serena

Last week was fun.

My body had been feeling kind of beat up, so I skipped a few team MMA practices (which I always feel guilty and crappy about) and did Brazilian jiu-jitsu classes (which I always feel ecstatic and thrilled about). I LOVE GI BJJ!! And I felt pretty good afterwards, like I did a light weight-training session, from all the gripping and pulling. I’ve always said that I need to work another gi class into my training. :/ I’m not sure when. Right now I just do it if I don’t feel up to the harder MMA class.

I leave the class feeling soooo happy! except guilty I didn’t take the MMA class.

Training with Serena has been fun. She’s pretty talented, and I’m enjoying helping her improve her game by teaching her new stuff. Every time someone comes in from a different gym, there are different habits and things people do and are used to. 🙂 This trip- it’s been three weeks so far! – has been really good for her. And for me! and everyone! She’s a great training partner!
ladies funny pose two photobombers
Wow, three weeks already?!

Watching the Bleach movie number 1. And the movie “In Bruges.” Tragic irony. Well made. Not my cup of tea as plots go, though. Started watching Blue Velvet and got disturbed, so I quit. I don’t need to see sexual violence….. *shiver* geez.

roxy serena mgm grand
Saturday I went to see the UFC with Serena! 😀 It was her first live sports event! Obviously first UFC live.

This is her “omg I’m in awe” face.
serena in awe

Oh Serena. She punches me, I choke her, she buys me ice cream, I braid her hair, and we go around wearing the same T-shirts. #GirlFighterFriends

I got to meet up with my wrestling coach from the Ultimate Fighter 18, Jack Anderson! Chiawana wrestling team is lucky to have him. 🙂
jack anderson and roxy
I was so excited to see my former training partner Mizugaki fight! And Mike Chiesa, who is from Washington, did his camp here at Syndicate, so I saw him everyday, and my coach helped cornered him. We saw Dan Henderson and Cormier fight live (Poor Hendo), and other fights were unexpectedly awesome! Like Barao vs TJ Dillshaw? omg?!
roxy and serena in the crowd ufc 173

With Serena and Tapout’s Skrape! (click to enlarge)
roxy serena skrape

Yay Mizugaki-san!
roxy  mizugaki shu group vegas