There’s no courage without…


Last week, my boss told me he’d be sending me to a kindergarten out service the next day. (That means another company or school hires my company to send teachers to their location.)

I thought, “There’s no way I’m teaching large groups of screaming 4 year olds. NO WAY.”

I said to him “no way.” After much discussion….much much discussion, he promised me training and convinced me to go watch.

Roxy1: Why don’t you want to? What are you, afraid?
Roxy2: No, of course not.
Roxy1: And you call yourself the Kids Coordinator! What kind of teacher are you anyway?
Roxy2: Imagine, what if they cry and scream and fight and don’t listen and run every where and then the staff see you and think, “what kind of teacher is that?”
Roxy1: So bottom line is…you’re afraid.
Roxy2: No, of course not….
Roxy1: …….
Roxy2: Okay, I’m afraid. Very very afraid.
Roxy1: Which is why you should do it.
Roxy2: Damn you Roxy-logic!!! XO Yes, I have to do it now. That’s my motto after all…. “Always do something you are afraid to do.” It’s the only way to get stronger….

SO the next week ( today) I just went and observed the previous teacher doing it, but I admit, I was extremely nervous. It went super well. In fact, it almost couldn’t have gone any better, and I have some ideas for making it better. Yes, I’m going to do it. Seriously, those kids were so adorable. One little girl grabbed my wrist and looked at my watch…and then said in Japanese, “What a pretty watch you have!” I was like, “Oh gee, thank you! O_O” And she continued, “And this ring! So pretty! Like a princess!”

Princess?! I was mellllllllllllllllllllllting………… *_* SO CUTE OMFG. And when they came thumping in shouting “Hello hello hello!” they spotted me and were like “OH it’s A LADY TEACHER!” (Japanese) And in English, “What’s your name? WHAT’S YOUR NAME?!”

They all fought with each other to sit next to me and hold my hand. One girl was crawling into my lap and the others were jealous and were like ‘get down!’

Two boys were misbehaving, and one of two Japanese male staff members grabbed them by the collar of their shirts (like puppies) and dragged them off to the side (They’d been rolling around on the ground) so I wouldn’t even have to deal with discipline issues.

Well, today was the easy part. NEXT Week, it’s my turn ….. …