Use the Force, Roxy!!

Tinted windows.

I almost changed lanes into another car last night, because it was dark and I couldn’t see through the tinted windows. That’s one thing that’s probably contributing to poor driving in Las Vegas. (However, let me say that the accidents I saw happened in the day time, not night.) Does anybody with tinted windows have advice for me?

Friday morning I felt pretty beat, so I decided to go to the gym and just lift weights.
But I brought my gear anyway. Just because.
Got there, lifted weights, coach showed up for the last class, and asked me, “So are you SURE you’re not training today? It’s okay to go light.”

._. That reminded me of the time when I lived in Boston, I decided not to train, but instead go to an arcade. But I brought my gear. On the way to the arcade, I turned on the radio and started singing along, and suddenly I found myself at the gym. I had gone on autopilot and just drove to the gym. If I’m not injured, I just have to train.

It was great. I really wanna get down this one hip escape thing. I’m having such trouble with it. ~_~; So dead tired, though.

John has such cool tattoos. Many Star Wars ones!
johns tattoo
I don’t think he noticed I took this one…is that weird? Hahahahaha I know I came to the right gym. The Force is strong here. 😀

The next TUF episode is actually titled “Use the Force.” After me. Kind of an honor…

forrest griffin and everyone

In this picture he looks less excited, haha, but I didn’t wanna be too fangirly since he trains at the gym, and I know a lot of guys hate that.

Friday evening, I went to TuffNuff, an amateur fight promotion. It was my first time watching ammy fights in the US, and I was super impressed with how well it was run! And both our guys, Adam and Jeremy won! 😀 In awesome fashions! I enjoyed chatting with Heather, Shannon, and a lot of other fans who came up and said hello. I wasn’t conspicuous at all, with my blue and yellow Team Tate shirt on. I blended right into the crowd. lol Not! I did it on purpose.

We met Wanderlei Silva 😀
heather wand

That was so much fun. When I was in Japan, I didn’t get to go to fights much because I always worked all day, and then wanted to train at night, or didn’t want to pay $50 . I couldn’t get in for free just because I was a fighter. However, in the States, they give us a break. 🙂 It’s soooooo much easier to be a fighter in the US!

I noticed somebody had my sponsor’s jacket! Fightchix!
fightchix at tuffnuff

And this dude with a freaking AMAZING Mohawk sat next to me, and everytime he turned his head, I kind of had to dodge or duck. lol I was afraid his hawk was gonna stick me or something. hahahheather, roxy and mohawk man
Nice pic, Heather!

A guy walked by and casually said “Hi, Nerdy TUF girl!” YEAH!! Another Underground Forum Member! 😀

On Saturday, I did sparring in the morning. I tried a bunch of new things, half of which didn’t work. I got a few things, and learned a lot. Then I sparred this guy with SUPER LONG ARMS, and I couldn’t figure out how not to get hit. Afterwards, we compared arm length and they were the same as mine! what the hell?!? I MUST STUDY HIM CLOSELY. O_O He has mastered the art of stretching his arms like Luffy.

I did MMA with Heather for the last two rounds. I lasted longer this time than the last time. 🙂

I hung around, went shopping, took a nap in McDonalds near Walmart near the gym (face down in my Wheel of Time book, haha) and then went to Coach John’s place! While enjoying delicious home-made tacos, I enjoyed chatting with my teammates and watching the UFC!
taco table

Jones and Gustaffson’s fight really inspired me. They fought for so long, so hard. Gustaffson especially kept taking high kicks which ended up wrecking his ear, but kept going.

That’s so inspiring to me. Just keep going. Get back up. Don’t stop. Whatever you do, just keep going.

I bought these plastic kid cups for 84 cents each at Walmart….lol
star wars cups