A new dream was born

Tuesday, I had so much fun sparring grappling with the pros! I got to spar the resident BJJ instructor Tetsu-san for the first time. Not only is his hair now a fantastic light green, but he’s so fun to spar with. XD Walking on Sunshine!
(slept like sh*t)

But on Wednesday morning I went to Ground Slam and Arai-san showed up.

We were both tired…but Katsumura-san watched us shadow box to warm up, and then put together the best class of all time.

Not because it was physically hard.

I think I’ve said this before, but Katsumura-san has magic powers. He’s good at identifying the weaknesses of his fighters and making them do exercises and practices that will eventually eradicate that problem. He goes step by step, from the simplest of movements, to gradually getting harder and harder, taking baby steps anybody could take, until suddenly….


We just did the target technique or movement! EVEN I WAS ABLE TO DO IT!

Arai-san and I were giving each other child-like high fives afterwards at the end of class, we were so happy. I was ridiculous thrilled. I was grinning like a fool all day after I went to work- my boss kept giving me strange looks, and I probably weird-ed him and everyone else out that I kept saying, “I’m so happy!”

Seriously….actually, before I joined Groundslam, I was thinking that in my next fight, I should just give up striking and quickly go to the ground…. I never imagined that I’d be able to improve in striking.

So my new dream is born. And that’s to climb to the top of the rankings again.

I want to spar SO BADLY this morning, to work on my new hissatsu-wazas and techniques! But my body saying, “No!” ;_; Noooo but I wanna! I want to train hard every day!

It’s on days like this that I lean back in my legless chair, put my feet up on my short table, and watch One Piece on my computer. If I’m lucky, I’ll doze off. I’m on ep 510.

Well, I think I’ve purposely made myself late enough so I won’t be tempted to participate in pro-sparring. Now I’m gonna go meet Buri-chan (Brittany) and Steve and train with them!…