My foot still hurts so I had to skip training at Ground Slam. Really bummed…it’s not so serious and should go away by the end of the week, but arg it sucks. I did the eliptical machine and bike at the gym in the morning AND evening. I also lifted.

In the afternoon, I watched “Thor” (it was pretty good), and cleaned my apartment. Like, I cleaned it. I mean, I CLEANED! I sweapt, and moved boxes and stuff to get all the dust and dirt…and I found…SILVERFISH wtf *stomp stomp* See, I got a few bites and killed a spider on my wall yesterday morning, so my Mommy said I should do a major cleaning. I had extra energy from not sparring, so I cleaned and did chores. My place is pretty clean cuz I sweep and stuff regularly, but not behind the boxes in the corners. I never touch back there.

Then I limped to Roppongi to give Enson Inoue final donation money for his volunteer work, which is still continuing, if I’m correct. …