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This past week was rough. Last Tuesday night I got food poisoning, so I was up most of the night with diarrhea, and I finally forced myself to throw up, hoping I’d feel better, and I did. After like 6 + times throughout the night. I thought by then everything bad would be digested by then, but oh well…..

It sucked so much. I had a temperature. Wednesday I had to cancel an adult private lesson, my kids lesson thankfully canceled on me, and then I managed to make it through my BJJ kids group class. I hope I looked alright since we had two trial students. I was sweating like crazy and water upset my stomach, so I was super dehydrated and dizzy. x_x Obviously I didn’t train on Wednesday or Thursday. Friday…did I train? I think I did no-gi and almost passed out going too hard. I did technique and a few light rounds and lifted weights.
roxy casey brandon
Didn’t have an appetite at all, which is weird – even when I catch a cold, I always want to eat. LOL Saturday I did jiu-jitsu. Sunday I did Yoga and lifted weights. Still no appetite. I saw Star Trek in the theaters by myself. I’ve been wanting to spend more time by myself lately.

Since I was sick, I spent all of my time watching the anime One Piece. This anime is one of my top 3 favorites (along with Dragon Ball Z and Naruto) and I’ve seen A LOT of anime. It’s one of those anime that really resonates with me and inspires me. The character Luffy is an idiot but he’s always true to his heart and does the right thing, no matter how hard or difficult or impossible it seems. It’s all so simple for him – “I just have to beat up XYZ, right?” It’s like, dude, life isn’t that simple.

But it often is. But that simple thing is hard. It’s like, “Oh, you have a drinking problem? Just stop drinking.” We all know it’s hard. But watching that show really makes you want to become stronger, believe in yourself, and just DO IT. You want something? GO GET IT. Is it easy? No. Is it simple? Yes. Often the simpler it seems, the harder it is. That’s why we have to realistically break our goals down into little, achievable steps. But we have to have the will to do it.

I’ve been watching this series for 14 years.

So I marathon-watched like 50 episodes and finished the Dressrosa saga. Doflamingo is tied with Freeza for my number 1 most hated evil villain in all anime. I had been dying to know Trafalgar Law’s back story, so it was so cool I found out. There are very few cases where I’m cheering on the character to kill the bad guy. I wanted him dead. x_x Is that bad? lol He was so evil….

Then in a flashback, Rayleigh said to Luffy, “Your techniques are really coming along!” and Luffy, eating meat over a camp fire said, “Yeah but I couldn’t beat the Kong (huge gorrilla).” and Rayleigh said, “So you’ll have to develop a technique with even more POWER. You need more power to defeat a stronger enemy!” and Luffy improved his punch.

So I went into my private lesson on Monday and Coach John was like, “So your movement is great, and now we’re going to work on improving your power.”

one piece luffy cheering

It’s really crazy how these three anime relate to my life. I remember just before I had a fight in Japan I was watching the ep where Rock Lee fought Gara in Naruto in the Chuunin exams, and I was SO fired up for my fight. lol I was watching it right before I left for the venue.

I took pics cosplaying Luffy. ;D

one piece cosplaying luffy

Anyway, so I really did learn how to make my punches more powerful and I even skinned my knuckle to prove it. I’m so excited. Not sure how I can practice that in sparring, though, since we’re not supposed to hit our partners as hard as we can. ^^; oh well, I’ll figure it out. I’m think I’m good at controlling my power. Maybe that’s a problem. We’ll see.

Monday I felt good enough to go to MMA practice, but it was still hard and I felt dizzy at the end. Tuesday was also a struggle, but I got through it. The our magical masseuse Teri is sick so I couldn’t get treatment yesterday. My body is ALL jacked up, but I’m gonna try and do well today.

So yeah, I keep hearing rumors that One Piece manga is ending soon, but I checked and there are like 820 something manga volumes, so I’m guessing maybe another 100 eps will come out? I guess I gotta take another year break from watching One Piece because I covered like two years in those 50 eps, since it’s a weekly anime.

Both my good friend Hannah and our jiujitsu coach Capitao lost their fights by decision last week, and I’m sad for them. They both didn’t fight to their full ability! They both have so much amazing skill, it kills me not to see it come out. I guess “next time” as they say. Jessica in Invicta, as well. I want to support them and look forward to training together again soon.

I’m hoping to be able to announce fight news soon. (the story of my life).

I met a Facebook friend Bonny from Montana, and she took me to “Rollercon,” and taught me about Roller derby! That was awesome, to learn about the sport, and to spend time with Bonny! What an awesome person, and we became even better friends! 😀
rollerderby grannie panties

My kids class is growing and growing! I’ve been having some struggles with kids too young joining, so we changed the age limit from 4 to 5. I had a really sad incident where I had to tell the parent the kid was too young and they were upset…. I had trouble sleeping for a few days and had a nightmare yesterday I’ve been so stressed about it. I want everyone to enjoy jiu-jitsu but be SAFE and happy. I care so much. I have to be able to keep my eyes on everyone and now there are regularly 10+ kids in my class. I love it.

Here is an amazing music video of One Piece. wow. It really moved me.