I hate Japanese doctors passionately

I went to the dermatologist who had easily and correctly diagnosed an infection that had been misdiagnosed by another guy.

The following conversation took place in Japanese. I had just traveled one hour to get to her clinic. Note: I’m talking at one-fourth the speed she is.

Roxy: Kubo-san! 😀 Hello!
doctor: AH hello! Roxanne, the fighter! How was your fight? (in London in February)
Roxy: I lost. 🙁
doctor: Oh that’s too bad.
Roxy: But I’ll do better next time!
doctor: That’s the spirit! 😀 So what’s the matter?
Roxy: Well…two things. First, the infection from before hasn’t completely healed…I mean, it’s gone but there’s still a red shadow on my skin…
doctor: Oh *glance* Yes it has healed! But as I said before, it’ll never completely go away, because the virus always stays in your body.
Roxy: *opens mouth but she keeps talking*
doctor: Whenever you’re feeling stressed or a little bit hurt, it’ll POP UP, like POW!!
Roxy: Uh yes…uh…
doctor: Is there pain? Is it itchy? Moya moya?
Roxy: Moya moya? What’s that? Pain, Um no? Actually, the other day there was this white thing…
doctor: Don’t worry! Just wash it well and if it starts…
Roxy: No, see this white thing, uh what’s it called, uh *struggles* and I …
doctor: NO no that’s just dry skin, a scab…
Roxy: I KNOW because I took it off! I mean, like, something was there and I scraped it off and now… so…that means…
doctor: Don’t worry, don’t worry! It looks fine *glance* That’s dry skin.
Roxy: -_-;;; Fine.
doctor: Just wash it and come back here if it swells and gets red! Listen carefully to me! It’s not as bad as you think.
Roxy: But I do grappling sports so…
doctor: ….so you must take better care of your skin.
Roxy: (it was getting red but went down…!) Fine. _< ;; SO NEXT....what I'm more worried about is inside my nose... I think it might have cracked because it was dry and some blood came out, but it's taking so long to heal....and.... doctor: AH don't worry, that's just dry skin. Don't pick at the scab! Roxy: ....so...but it happened like 3 weeks ago... doctor: You must not pick at the.... Roxy: AND IT'S a strange color and sticky... doctor: ...what? Roxy: It. The, uh....I don't know it in Japanese. @_@;; It! it! So I want to make sure it's just normal, or is it infected with bacter.... doctor: Oh it's not infected. Roxy: But yellow.... it hasn't healed in 2 weeks..usually... doctor: Don't pick at the scab... Roxy: YOU DIDN'T EVEN LOOK AT IT YET. doctor: Just don't pick at it. It'll be fine. You must have a strong heart. You are a fighter! 😀 *Grin* Do you still have that anti-bacterial stuff I gave you before? Roxy: ~_~;;;;;;; Doctor: Remember the... Roxy: Yes >< doctor: So maybe some bacteria got in, so just put some of that up your nose. Roxy: Will you please look at it? doctor: Just... Roxy: Can you please look at it? Doctor: Okay let me see. *glance* Yes, just a scab. So for dry skin on your arm, I'm going to give you some cream with blah blah blah, and you must put it on every day when you come out of the bath. You take a bath, right? Roxy: >o< ;; ......yes Doctor: So make sure you come back if any little red pustules pop up, but otherwise you're fine! OKAY? 😀 😀 😀 Roxy: (Damn it, this visit is over, isn't it?) Yes, thank you very much. Have a nice day. --; Doctor: Goodbye! 😀 Do your best!! AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAH! I was almost crying with frustration. I had to take my jacket off because I got all hot. lol Then I attacked the nurse with questions, because the poor girl, who looked younger than me, took me in the back to 'show me' how to apply this cream. YOU PUT IT ON YOUR FINGER AND RUB IT UP AND DOWN THE ARM, ZOMG SO DIFFICULT, I don't think I can HANDLE IT. Upon grilling her with my halting Japanese, I found out that the 'blah blah blah' just meant 'moisture retention.' Roxy: So that means I could just put any old lotion on it. RIGHT? nurse: Uh well this lotion holds in the moisture MUCH BETTER than the store brand! 😀 Here's your prescription! Oh yeah, I'm marching right off to the drug store to pick me up some super lotion. NOT. Dry skin my a$$. ~_~; Forgive me for not trusting doctors. Maybe I should do some research on dry skin.... she had proved herself before, but how can trust a doctor who doesn't properly examine me. THEY NEVER DO. This kind of conversation is AVERAGE in Japan.