Long day of work, and ZFC (Zest Fight Club), Happy 100th B-day Dedelis

Happy Birthday to Dedelis, my maternal grandfather! He is 100 years old today! Living in a veteran’s home, no teeth, almost no vision, booking it down the hall in his wheel chair to bother other veterans. ^_^ Love you!!

I had a nice day at work, except I crashed in the afternoon….

I went to ZFC (Zest Fight Club) in the evening instead of AACC, and enjoyed myself, except that nobody came early, so I didn’t get to the initial sparring that I liked so much. Oh well… I showed Kojima san a new technique…I feel like I owe it to them because they let me train there without making me join. They seem really happy, and so far, I’ve managed to show them two good ones they didn’t know.

I trained from 7, and around 8:30 I started feeling really exhausted…I pushed myself really hard until 9:45, which is 2 and a half hours, if you think about it…it’s like the class went on and on. LOL

I wanted to do sparring!! Hard fight prep stuff. I don’t know if I’m fighting May or not. I drank Gatorade, but I still felt almost dizzy. I managed to push myself through more…the take down drill and one rolling with Ota-san, and then I collapsed and couldn’t get back up. 🙁

I drank the protein Drew had sent me, took the Glutamine that Dave sent me, and this morning took the vitamins that Tony sent me. I have the best sponsors. ^_^ Thanks, guys.

Kay, time to finish the race today!

dude, I have like 4 scabs on my arms that have been here for like 3 weeks and haven’t completely healed. It’s so weird…they’re not infections or anything like that…just normal scabs from cuts, but they shouldn’t take this long to heal. What is up with that? Sorry for being gross…anybody in the medical field? I couldn’t be short on vitamins……